Volunteer Application

Cobalt Credit Union is looking for volunteers to join our team! Consider volunteering as an Associate Director on our Board of Directors.



All volunteers must meet these requirements:


  • Be a primary account holder member of Cobalt Credit Union 
  • Must be able to attend evening meetings on a monthly basis
  • Serve without compensation
  • Demonstrate financial responsibility evidenced by information reported to (or received by) major credit bureau reporting agencies


If you meet the above requirements, please read the agreement to nomination and acceptance below, fill out the application on the right, attach your resume, and click submit.


You may also be contacted to complete the following:


  • Credit/Criminal Background Check Authorization Form
  • Credit Union Code of Ethics


One of our representatives will be in contact with you shortly.


Thank you!






The undersigned hereby states that his or her name has been placed in nomination as an Associate Director of the Cobalt Credit Union Board of Directors and is agreeable to serving as a volunteer for that position, if appointed.


The undersigned understands that meetings shall be held at least once each month at the time and place determined by the Board. The undersigned further understands that, if appointed, attendance at regular meetings of the Board is expected and absences, while they may occur, should not exceed those specified in the By-Laws.


In addition to the monthly meetings, the undersigned understands that it may become necessary to attend other meetings at the time and place so decided by the Board.


The undersigned further understands that Credit Union Volunteers serve without compensation and are considered fiduciaries and must act in good faith and for the betterment of the Credit Union.


The undersigned understands that no guarantee exists for an Associate Director to become a regular member of the Board.


Having read the above, the undersigned acknowledges that, if appointed to the Associate Director position, he/she agrees to serve in that capacity.


*Potential candidates will not be denied consideration by reason of race, sex, religion, disability, age, geographic location, nor will any candidate be selected for such reason.