Happy Holidays Cobalt Visa Credit Card Balance Paid Sweepstakes

Cobalt Credit Card Balance Paid Sweepstakes!

Use your credit card for a chance to have your balance paid!

Just pay with your credit card to be entered to win – it’s that simple.

Cobalt Credit Union will be paying the credit card balance* of one lucky winner each month from November to December 2021! The key to your chance of winning is to have a Cobalt Visa Credit Card and to use your card for everyday purchases.

*Every purchase of $5.00 or greater earns you an additional chance to win in that month's drawing. Two entries are earned with each qualifying purchase of $250.00 or greater! So the more you use your card, the more chances you'll have to win!

A new winner will be chosen each month

Each month we'll hold a random drawing from all eligible entries received for that month. For example, if you used your card for 15 qualifying purchases* your name will be included in the drawing 15 times. It's that simple!

Don't Have A Cobalt Visa Credit Card?

Choose from our Cobalt Signature Visa Credit Card or our Classic Credit Card.


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